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About Us

DesigNA is proud to say we are the first ever ultra-personalised jewellery brand where we combine the beauty of jewellery with the exquisiteness of one’s DNA. Our founder is a young entrepreneur who took a year out of university to begin his dream of starting his own business. Bursting with ideas he wants to expand into all aspects of the jewellery industry and make a major impact. 

Perfect Gift

We know how hard it is to find gifts for loved ones for either their birthday or a festive holiday your family may celebrate. However, we believe we’ve at least solved one of those gift problems as this is the most personal possession someone can own. Either offer a necklace with your DNA in for someone very close to you or offer them our gift collection kit.  

Be the talking point.​

Jewellery engraving is more common than ever even though they aim to show signs of ‘personalisation’ with them. DesigNA jewellery however is the most personalised work of art you can ever obtain and is a guaranteed wow factor in any environment you are in.  


Not only do we believe in the longevity of our necklaces, but we believe in the longevity of what is held inside. Forever pass down to generations a piece of you or a loved one so their pure DNA is never lost to the sands of time 


DesigNA firmly believes in providing the best quality goods while honouring the goals of sustainability and sourcing all our chains and pendants from reliable wholesalers. As DesigNA grows we have aims to help provide for the environment by creating various challenges outside of jewellery making to help our environment This may include DesigNA sponsored fun runs or even periods where a % of profits go towards achieving various sustainability goals.  

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