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Frequently Asked Questions

DesigNA is a brand owned by the company Double Strand Ltd which is based in the Northeast of England at Park House Station Road, Lanchester, Durham, England, DH7 0EX. 

Currently, DesigNA does not have retail stores. To be notified if this changes kindly sign up for our newsletter. 

The inspiration of DesigNA came from the loving feeling we get when a gift is given to us with true meaning behind it. Not because it was trendy or held a high price but because the thought and individuality of it gave a beautiful meaning. As we grow up finding the right gift for someone becomes harder and harder and so DesigNA solves this issue by offering the most unique and without a doubt most cherishable gift one can offer.  

Your DesigNA jewellery will come in a high-quality necklace box which will have inside the necklace piece hosting your very own DNA, as a small document giving you some info about our jewellery 

All our jewellery is safe for the skin (does not contain nickel), furthermore as the resin we use will be cured when delivered this is also safe.  

Yes, all our jewellery is waterproof, including the resin which holds your DNA. For further info on how to care for your jewellery kindly refer to our jewellery care page.  

Our chains are made up of 925 silver sterling which is the most popular metal to use for jewellery and our pendants are made of rhodium-plated sterling silver and some pendants also have clear cubic zirconia stones. Furthermore, all our products have the highest quality epoxy resin in each pendant.  

When one of our products is out of stock, we will aim to have it restocked within 14 days. To stay up to date with any restocking please sign up to our newsletter.  

Please refer to our jewellery care page. (link) 

Currently, DesigNA only delivers around the UK, but we do plan on delivering outside of the UK soon, to stay updated kindly sign up to our newsletter.  

For help tracking your order please email sales@mydeisgna.co.uk and provide your name and order number.  

Once receiving your saliva sample (this will count as day 0) we aim to have your sample processed and piece made within 7 working days (working days meaning MonFriday, 9 am –5 am) 

Once your jewellery has been made, we will send your jewellery in a beautiful jewellery box containing your jewellery and also inside there will be a small information sheet explaining a little bit about us and the jewellery we have made for you.  

Once your jewellery has been made, we do not issue any refunds as the piece has been tailored especially to you. If you place an order and immediately wish to cancel, contact our team and we will be able to issue a refund. However, if we have already sent out the saliva testing kit then we do not generally issue refunds, as our service to you has started. However, we may grant a partial refund (which is solely at the discretion of the Management) if we have not yet started the laboratory work 

When issuing a refund this can take up to 7 working days to be processed  

No orders can be returned as they all will have unique DNA inside and so no returns are possible. 

Inside the sampling kit which you will receive after placing your order, you will have all the details as to how to take it and send your sample back to us.  

A few tips before sampling: 

Please ensure you have not had anything to eat or drink at least 1 hour before taking your sample.  

Signing the consent form by the person who is taking the sample is compulsory. 

The saliva sampling kit should be sent to the return address. 

 That address being: 

Park House Station Road, Lanchester, Durham, England, DH7 0EX 

The sample collection kit will contain: 

  • Funnel 
  • Tube pre-filled with stabilization buffer + Cap 
  • Instructions 

The instructions inside will tell you exactly how to collect your sample, please then return the sample to the return address for processing.  

Whoever’s DNA is being extracted and placed inside the pendant MUST give consent and sign the consent form, this then must be returned in the same package as the saliva collection kit.  

After we have processed your sample, we do not store any extra if there is any, it is immediately discarded. This means that if you would like another piece of jewellery you will need to order another saliva kit like the first time. 

If you have any more questions about our service, please get in touch by contacting sales@mydesigna.co.uk.